The "Every Two Day" Challenge

We have decided to run our very own Recruitment Puzzle Challenge and would like to invite anyone who wishes to participate, to register below and have your name added to the list.  What this means is that, as the name implies, every two days a clue will be revealed as part of a series of seven in total.  At the end of two weeks, the numbers of people left in the challenge will have reduced significantly, based on some of our pre-challenge tests.  We estimate between 70-80% of candidates will have been knocked out.  How and when you get knocked out (or if you get knocked out) will depend on an answer being revealed the day after each clue.  So, every two days.

The process, although not the questions, is relatively simple.  You keep going and if on day 15 the result of your last answer is correct, then you will  have won the challenge.  The reasons we have chosen to run this challenge at this time is for good reason.  We want each entrant to do two things.  First when you register your details, we would ask you to quote a figure you will be pledging to our chosen NHS Charity.  The second part is the donation itself.  To make it completely clear, we are not accepting any donations, however we will trust that people who have quoted a figure will follow a link (or go directly themselves) to the NHS website.  To reiterate, we will not check and we will have no way of knowing what you donate to their cause, but as we expect entrants from around the world, and the Coronavirus is a Global Pandemic, we will count on your support.

Now for the bad news.  The winner, if there is one, will not be known or rewarded at all.  If there is more than one person on day 15 when the result is announced, then there will be a sudden death shoot-out consisitng of questions being set to the candidates on day 17 at two  hour intervals.  Whoever is wrong, does not win.  Whoever wins, can leave that day with a spring in their step and the knowledge they have also helped a good cause.

A word of warning - These questions are not simple and not easy to get right.  They have been designed so that cheating will be impossible.  So much so, that as an extra ring-fence of secrecy, the questions will not be finalised until four hours before they go online.

There is not charge for entering this challenge, and there is no prize or acknolwedgement for the winner.  The only people who gain a tangible benefit are the members of the NHS and the people they work selflessly and diligently to get well.

Or you can visit their webiste directly by typing in NHS Charities Together.  It sounds obvious, especially as you are enquring about entering a complex challenge, however we are no able to take payments at all and have to make it explicit that you are donating directly to the charity itself.  We are simply working on trust and faith in the spirit of the public in these difficult times.